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Our New Launch-Welcome Back Friends!

Hi everyone! Welcome to yet another relaunch of Surge and Co. After a lot of self reflection, we decided to move forward with this as our new company mission. Our core values have remained the same. We will continue to offer high quality content that focuses on mental health and travel because we believe new places should be explored and those places help broaden our understanding of the world and ourself.  Thank you for sticking by us the whole time. We appreciate your business and hope to create something beautiful that everyone will love.  Cheers from the team! Love Surge and Company!

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The Sweetness of doing Nothing

Ah, the sweetness of doing nothing is one of my favorite quotes from the feature film, Eat, Pray, Love. This film is beautiful and full of self revelations and the one quote that stands out, the title of this article helps capture and give light to slowing down in life. I'm not saying give up on everything. It's more towards valuing the important things in life and to stop and smell the roses. Take a breath and take a look at your surroundings and embrace the environment around you. Maybe notice things around you that have never crossed your mind before.  I want to discuss the sweetness of doing nothing and how I have found myself with each passing day and...

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