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At Surge and Co. we strive to provide the highest quality of our clothing line and other clothing while trying to offer something new and different one t-shirt at a time. Monterey Bay and the California Coast has our hearts! What we hope to accomplish is to give people more access to clothes that are not available in major retail stores with competitive prices.


Hello everyone, welcome to Surge and Company! We wanted to use this page to introduce ourselves to the world. Daniel is the Co-Founder and I(Nick) am the Founder and CEO. I first brought Surge and Co to life last year but lacked a creative space to design clothes and logos, I had the ideas, but I couldn't bring them to fruition. I ended up shutting down the website and decided to abandon it. Fast-Forward to February 2020 with lots of help from Daniel, we were able to successfully relaunch the website and file our articles of incorporation with the State of California, got our sellers permit and opened up a business checking account. We achieved these leaps and bounds through faith and having faith in the company. We appreciate everyone's business and support since our relaunch and we have been growing exponentially thanks to all who support us and the company. We believe Surge and Co. can help change the world, or at least have a positive impact on peoples lives. We hope we can continue to grow and help other people start and grow their own businesses. We are also a registered LLC in the state of California, so yes we are a legit company. Cheers!

-Cheers from the Surge and Company team!

We hope you enjoy the clothing as much as we do!

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